Tired of Tapping into Form Fields, or Using Tricky Page Code to Capture Scans? Add the Power of iScanBrowser!
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  • Serial Device Manager—Easily connect and configure your scanner right in the app. Works with dozens of devices including all Scanfob® and idChamp brand scanners.
  • Web Form Rules—Streamline your workflow by making scanning into your web application a snap with easy to configure WebForm Rules.
  • Scans both active & passive RFID tags
  • Can filter or ignore duplicate scans/reads


Use iScanBrowser to scan directly into your web app

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What is iScanBrowser?

iScanBrowser is a powerful mobile application for iOS and Android that uses programmable WebForm Rules to allow you to scan data into any field on any web application (including custom web applications).

What can I do with iScanBrowser?

With iScanBrowser, you can set up WebForm Rules to automatically insert data into a form field by the field ID, field name, or cursor focus. Automating this process allows you to scan data into the desired field without using the mobile device’s interface. If you've ever tried to scan data into a search query field, such as Google, you may have noticed that you have to tap on the "Enter" or "Search" button each time—taking up unnecessary time in your busy schedule. iScanBrowser lets you circumvent this by simulating what is called a "Call Submit"; allowing you to scan as much data into any web application or web form without having to pause to tap a "Submit" button!

By using WebForm Rules (WFR) technology, iScanBrowser allows the user to post data into virtually any field on any web page, including your custom web application, no tapping required!* Just set up the rules to target the desired target location for data, connect the scanning device, and capture—swipe the card, scan the barcode or RFID tag—iScanBrowser instantly posts the data to the designated field, every time. iScanBrowser also features a full-screen Kiosk mode to maximize visibility and can keep users on task by hiding browser controls, preventing unwanted URL entries. 

Why iScanBrowser?

iScanBrowser is the world's first customizable web browser to utilize WebForm Rules (WFR) technology to make scanning with barcode and NFC readers into web apps and web pages straightforward and easy. With devices that use keyboard (HID) mode, you must tap into a field and then scan. Manually tapping into each input field slows the user down and increases the likelihood of errors. iScanBrowser is your Solution.

iScanBrowser supports more brands of barcode and RFID readers than any product of its kind, including Scanfob® Barcode Scanners, idChamp Readers, Olli, Captuvo®, and many others, as well as many MFi (Made for iOS) Bluetooth devices. iScanBrowser also supports WiSnap Wi-Fi to RS-232 dongles, and BlueSnap Bluetooth to RS-232 dongles to enable legacy RS-232 hardware such as NFC/RFID & barcode readers, scales, calipers & sensors to work with your custom web app.

Make it your own!

iScanBrowser is available for white-label on both iOS and Android. Put your company name and logo on the app, and your customers can download directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Join the success—many companies have leveraged the success of iScanBrowser, the first product of it's kind, copied by many others, but never equaled. Contact us to learn more.

*Specialized settings may be required and a may include a setup fee.