idChamp® USB RFID/NFC Reader

idChamp® USB RFID/NFC Reader

Supports virtually every HF and LF tag
Product Category :
Desktop (3' cable) or USB Dongle

Looking for a mobile RFID-NFC scanner? 
Need an easy-to-use NFC reader for PROX HID, iClass HID, Mifare, ICODE and other inlay types - for Android, iOS, and more?
The idChamp series Bluetooth wireless NFC reader is ideal for a wide range of data collection applications. Inventory, field service, asset tracking, time & attendance, healthcare, and even POS are all possible with this family of mobile NFC readers. Connect via USB, RS-232 serial, Bluetooth and WiFi.

RFID enable virtually any mobile application withSerialMagic.
Using SerialMagic Professional, the idChamp Bluetooth wireless NFC-RFID scanner can integrate with more mobile devices than any product of its kind.
The idChamp can work on Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone/iTouch), Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobile, Windows, OS X, Linux and more.

Use with Mobile Phones, Tablets, PDAs, Netbooks, Laptops, Desktops, Servers and more.

Want a software jumpstart?
Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid software provides complete solutions with idChamp for Android, iOS*, Windows and more.
iScanBrowser is the absolute easiest way to get NFC-RFID data to web pages on iOS* with NO TAPPING needed.
*iOS iPad - iPhone - iTouch Video: What is iScanBrowser?

idChamp is available for many types of applications. 
Low-Frequency NFC (125KHz) HID PROX readers, Bluetooth SPP-HID, RS-232, USB-Keyboard, USB-Virtual COMM, USB Dongle
High-Frequency NFC (13.56MHz) readers, Bluetooth SPP-HID, RS-232, USB-Keyboard, USB-Virtual COMM, USB Dongle

We can provide 3.3V powered version of the cabled RS-232 reader with custom connectors, e.g. like Molex Micro-Fit 3.0.

idChamp RS2 is the most versitile NFC Bluetooth reader family of it's kind in the world.

Wireless NFC-RFID readers Bluetooth keyboard PROX HID, NFC-HF, iClass Android iOS (iPad-iPhone), Windows OSX