NFC-RFID (Tag) Smart Label-11 Square Sticker (30mm)

NFC-RFID (Tag) Smart Label-11 Square Sticker (30mm)

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High-quality NFC-RFID HF (13.56MHz) square (30mm x 0.4mm thick) tag with peel-and-stick adhesive back ISO 15693 / Icode SLI.
These NFC-RFID sticker tags work brilliantly with Scanfob® HF Bluetooth NFC reader, IDChamp reader, Nexus S phones, and other HF (13.56MHz) NFC-RFID readers that support these tag types.

Minimum order quantity for this tag is 500 units.

Need lower quantities for use in testing and development? We recommend the Thumb Sticker NFC Tag - ISO 15693 - 18mm Square.

Note: these sticker tags do NOT read when placed directly on metal.
For sticker tags readable on metal, purchase the Smart Label-11 Square Sticker (30mm) for Metal. 

Want logo printing on the tags? Smart Label-11 Square Sticker with LOGO printing.