BlueRFID UHF GEN2 OEM Reader/Writer

BlueRFID UHF GEN2 OEM Reader/Writer

EPC Class1 GEN2 ISO 18000 USB/TTL & Proximity Sensor
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BlueRFID UHF electronic boards are RFID readers capable of performing read/write operations on the main RFID tag global standards. Easy installation and the addition of a practical and user friendly interface, consisting in 3 colored LEDs, multitone beeper and a proximity sensor are the peculiar characteristics of this category of products.

Thanks to its versatility in interfacing with desktop PCs or embedded PCs via USB, or with embedded systems using TTL serial converters, BlueRFID UHF boards represent an excellent solution for RFID tag reading in many applications. 

The device is equipped with appropriate drivers that make it compatible with the main operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS), allowing an easy and instant use of data exchanged with tags.

BlueRFID UHF is equipped with embedded RFID antenna. An external antenna connector is available on customer request.

All these characteristics make BlueRFID UHF highly functional in applications where it is necessary to add an efficient RFID tag reader to a generic workstation.