WiSnap Embedded Kit M1-9V

WiSnap Embedded Kit M1-9V


The WiSnap board is field ready, WiFi certified 802.11 b/g solution.
The WiSnap board has the flexibility to connect directly to a standard RS232 interface or through the TTL UART interface to embedded systems. 
The status LEDs and jumpers enable rapid prototyping and integrating into existing systems.

The WiSnap incorporates a 2.4GHz radio, processor, Full TCP/IP stack, real-time clock, FTP, DHCP, DNS and web server. 
It is the smallest, lowest power 802.11 b/g module available.
The module supports adhoc and enterprise networking modes.

In the simplest configuration the hardware only requires four connections (PWR, TX, RX, GND). 
In cases where power is available on the RS232 DB9 connector of your application,
it can be directly wired to create an instant serial to Wifi network link. 
If not, a power jumper needs to be soldered to the PCB by end user.

Additionally, the analog sensor interface provides direct connections to send temperature,
acceleration and other analog data without requiring additional hardware.
The WiSnap module is programmed and controlled with a simple ASCII command language. 
Once the WiSnap is setup it can scan to find an access point, associate, authenticate and connect over any WiFi network.

The kit includes WiSnap Module, 9V battery clip, DB9 ribbon cable, Null-Modem plug

External Power is required. Power (3-15 VDC) can be provided via pin 9 of DB connector, or connect power to PCB with 9V battery clip or other source..

Setup to your network is a snap using the FREE WiSnap Setup app for iPhone and iPod Touch

See WiSnap setup options.

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