KeyBatch™ BR2 Barcode Scanner

KeyBatch™ BR2 Barcode Scanner

Batch & Real-Time Laser Barcode Scanner
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The KeyBatch™ BR2 mobile batch & real-time laser barcode enables collection of bar coded data with ease. The scanner has an advanced scan engine that can read scans in many common environments e.g. in plastic name tag holders at trade shows.

Very Small - Very Wireless - Very Easy-To-Use

The KeyBatch™ BR2 has a batch mode* with memory of 10,000 scans with timestamps. The small size of the scanner provides convenience for mobile applications. The KeyBatch™ BR2 can easily fit comfortably on a keyfob, in a shirt pocket, and in the palm of your hand. KeyBatch™ BR2 is recharged via standard USB port with the supplied cable.

For simple input like a keyboard connect the cable and use SerialMagic Professional software for simple keyboard input to cursor location and for many advanced options such as posting batch downloads as keys, and advanced keystroke processing with each scan. Use Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid to easily collect data and send to email, FTP, and even SQL database with the push of a button. Also use with other applications like Excel, Open Office, web forms on a browser pages and more.

Solution for Repetitive Stress Injuries

Use barcode scanning for mobile workforce to reduce PDA injuries. Thumb RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) are well known for heavy and frequent computer keyboard users. This issue extends now to mobile devices, especially since most times the thumbs are used to input ALL data on the device (unlike keyboards where the keys occur across all of the fingers). Barcode scanning allows input of many digits with a single button push (or no button push at all when using hands-free scanning). This means using a barcode scanner makes it possible to significantly reduce personal injuries related to data entry, especially for mobile applications.

Use KeyBatch™ BR2 laser scanner with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid for Android*
*Android device must support USB Keyboard mode. See 'Android faces' page for some devices known to support USB Keyboard (HID) mode.