BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge

BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge

Post Bluetooth SPP ASCII as iOS Simulated Keystrokes
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  • Small and light weight, fits easily in your pocket
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery. Recharge via any Micro USB module
  • The BlueSnap bridge can be simultaneously powered and charged from a powered USB port using the MicroUSB travel power and charge cable or other properly desgined MicroUSB cable.
  • Run time for fully charged fresh battery 18 hours (M15 unit) sending data packet every 2 seconds
  • Battery charge time 4hrs M15 unit - slow charge setting)
  • Button to display/hide iOS on-screen keyboard

Note: SerialMagic Keys iOS app provides Bluetooth keyboard data posting to all iOS apps that take keystrokes.
Works with scanners such as Scanfob® brand Ultra-BB2-BLE UHF RFID reader/writer, NFC-BB2-BLE reader/writer, 2006 laser Barcode scanner, 3002i 2D+1D barcode scanner, idChamp RS4 RFID-NFC reader/writer, RS3 RFID-NFC reader, Leica DISTO E7500i, E7100i laser distance measure, Allflex RS420, LPR livestock RFID reader, Cipherlab 1862 UHF RFID reader/writer, and much more.

Works with Apple iOS4 and later devices : iPad, iPhone, iPod.

IMPORTANT: Please review setup documentation HERE before purchasing. Contact with any questions.

All sales final. Orders are non-returnable and non-cancellable.

The BlueSnap SPP-KEY bridge connects any Bluetooth SPP device such as RFID-NFC reader, barcode scanner, laser range finder, scale, mag stripe reader, sensor, etc. to an iPad allowing data to be posted to cursor location of ANY iOS app. Also works for iPhone 3GS and later, and iPod Touch 3rd generation and later.

The only requirement to connect a Bluetooth SPP device to the iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) using the BlueSnap Bridge is the Bluetooth device needs to send text/number data (ASCII values) i.e. data that can be typed on a regular keyboard. This solution also works with Macs, PCs, Linux computers and more.

The BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge makes it a snap to capture NFC-RFID tags data, barcodes, measurements, and other data to ALL iOS apps (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) that accept typed input. Why purchase special equipment for iOS devices? Maximize existing Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) equipment and connect to iOS devices as a Bluetooth keyboard.

The BlueSnap bridge also has a button to display or hide the iOS on-screen keyboard when connected, so you maintain full ease of use when the bridge is connected to the iOS device.

Use the BlueSnap bridge with any iOS app, the following apps provide enhanced support for the capturing NFC & RFID tag data, barcodes, and other measurements without tapping in an iOS field to get focus.

Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid for iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch), makes it a snap to collect data and send anywhere
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iScanBrowser for iOS - iPad / iPhone / iTouch - The absolute easiest way to scan Barcode & RFID data to web pages, also has kiosk features.
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List-In-Hand® Mobile List Plus for iOS - iPad - makes it a snap to organize lists of anything with your Scanfob
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