Using Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid for Delivery Verification on Android

Submitted by kimmie on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 16:32

This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid is used to verify that all items on a sale order are delivered.
This page requires the user to have a account with the correct privileges.

In this example we paired a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Scanfob® 2006 Barcode Scanner; however, any barcode scanner that's
compatible with the Scanfob® scanner format can be used.

Account Setup

The first step in verifying an order in Mobile Grid is to sign up for an account at
Contact Serialio to purchase a subscription and to set up the correct profiles for your account.

You will also need to upload a valid database to select where the data is being scanned into.
Click the 'databases' tab to upload the database file.
Select the file type that will be upload; XLS/XLSX or CSV are the valid file types.
Click 'Browse' to search for the file, and once chosen click 'Upload'.

After Upload, the associated mobile device(s) can download the database for use outlined below.

Delivery Order Verification

On the Android device, open the Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid app.
Click here to download Mobile Grid.
Tap Menu > Options > Cloud Account.
Enter the login information for the account recently made and tap OK.


Next, tap 'Profile Settings' by 'Action profiles'.
Tap Get profiles list > Select all > Download selected profiles.
'Allow multiple assignments' should be checked automatically, and all the downloaded profiles should be listed.
Tap and hold the first action profile, then 'Verify profile'. Doing so downloads the uploaded databases from the user's mobile Cloud account.


Return to the Mobile Grid home screen.
A popup will appear asking for an order database.
After selecting the database, another popup will appear asking for the delivery order number.


Now ensure the Scanfob® Wireless Scanner is connected.
Click here to see how to connect the Scanfob® 2006.

Verify the order delivery by scanning the barcodes associated with the delivered items in the database.
Once a barcode is scanned, a popup will appear asking for the quantity of the item.
If there is a variance in the quantity delivered, it will be listed in the last column.
When the same barcode is scanned after it has been posted to the grid, the item's quantity delivered will be updated.


When items in the order are verified, they will turn color from red to black, and receive a green checkmark next to them.
The circle with '1' at the bottom of the screen informs that screen 1 is currently being viewed.
Tap the circle and screen 2 will appear. These can be selected to switch between screens.
Screen 2 states all of the items delivered in the order scanned, including the total quantity in the last column.


Items that are not a part of the order, can be added.
On screen 1, they will be located at the bottom of the order.
On Screen 2, they can be identified as the items with an empty 'SOHeader_Comment'.


Once all delivered barcodes have been scanned and quantified, tap Menu > Upload Grid.
If all order items have not been scanned, a popup will appear asking if you want to continue.
If 'Yes' is choosen, another popup will appear asking for the user's initials.
The grid will be sent to the Cloud-In-Hand account setup on the Android device per the account settings via email/FTP/SQL/etc.

Note: After each upload, the user will again be asked to select the order database and the order number for the next delivery.
The order numbers listed are the orders still to be delivered. Once an order is uploaded it cannot be changed.