RS3 NFC Setup For Android 4.3+ with BLE

Submitted by marshall on Fri, 07/31/2015 - 12:27

Installation via Google Play

(recommended for latest updates and easy installation)

Play install option 1 - Push the app from the web:
Click here to visit the Google Play webpage for RS3 NFC Setup and click Install to automatically install the application to your phone (must log into Google account used on the Android device).

Play install option 2 - Install from Google Play (search from your Android device):
Search "RS3 NFC Setup" on the Google Play store.


Alternate Installation


(if Google Play is not available, or you don't want to have RS3 NFC Setup updated automatically.)

To install RS3 NFC Setup on Android, the first step is to enable "Unknown Sources":
Android 4.x - Android Settings app > Security
Android 5.x - Android Settings app > Personal > Security

Bluetooth Barcode scanner driver for Android - setup requirements

1) From your Android device browser, tap here to download RS3 NFC Setup.
Open the notifications area of the Android device (slide a finger from the top of the screen to the bottom), and you will see the download progress, or download complete notification depending on the speed of your connection.

When the download is complete, click on the RS3_NFC_Setup.apk Download complete notification to install.


2) Load with adb. Recommended for the technically inclined.
This is very fast and easy when you have a PC, Mac, or Linux machine setup with the Android SDK.
Click here to download RS3 NFC Setup.
USB debugging must be enabled on the device. Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
Use the adb command to install the RS3 NFC Setup app. e.g. "adb install -r RS3_NFC_Setup.apk"

Use this Android app for NFC engine setup via Bluetooth Smart BLE connection. Setup Prox HID, EM410X, AWID, ICODE, MiFare, iClass, modes, output format, wiegand bits, prefix/suffix characters and more.