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Wavetrend L-RX300 and iPod Touch (or iPhone) provide simple, low-cost, wireless mobile data capture of RFID

Capture RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier), NFC (Near Field Communication) GPS and other readings is a snap with WiSnap.

For more RFID options for iOS & Android see the Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid page.

iScanBrowser for iOS - iPad / iPhone / iTouch - Capture active RFID tag data to web pages, also has kiosk features.

Get iScanBrowser app from the App Store

Shown is an iPhone 3G connected to a WiSnap that is collecting data from a Wavetrend L-RX300 RFID reader.

Note: This solution can...

This document outlines setup of a WiSnap Wi-Fi to RS-232 dongle with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app on Android to collect RFID data from Wavetrend active temperature tag using the L-RX300 Active RFID tag reader.

Mobile active RFID reader WiFi RS232 Wavetrend L-RX300 battery poweredbest iOS Attendance Taking app

This solution is also available for iOS devices like iPad, ...

SerialMagic facilitates location based mobile attendance and security applications using a barcode scanner

More ways to use SerialMagic

This document outlines how to implement convenient and low-cost mobile attendance and security applications.

SerialMagic Professional1 software for Windows Mobile
LaserChamp II, Bluetooth barcode scanner2 can be used using a Windows Mobile PDA or smart phone.  
Windows Mobile Phone or PDA (touch screen)

1Requires SerialMagic Professional Power upgrade.
2Other scanners providing batch and time stamp capability may also be supported e.g. Koamtac KDC200.
Note: BatchMagic 2001, and LaserChamp II batch...

SerialMagic facilitates data collection system for a series of tests on water samples

More ways to use SerialMagic

This document outlines how to implement convenient and low-cost mobile system for keeping test results.

-SerialMagic Professional1 software for Windows Mobile


-LaserChamp II Bluetooth Scanner, KDC200 Bluetooth scanner, and Windows Mobile Phone or PDA (touch screen).


-Combination Scanner/Mobile device, such as TDS Nomad/Recon, Opticon H19, Janam XM65, Symbol MC9090.

In this example, we used a TDS Nomad device, which is a PDA with a built-in scanner!

The TDS Nomad is a very rugged, waterproof data collector, with a good laser scanner built in !


Bundle the iPaq 110/iPaq 111/iPaq 114/iPaq 210/iPaq 211/iPaq 214 with KDC200 Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanners

"...I used to manually type in serial numbers and other kinds of data, which was very error prone, and time consuming. With SerialMagic, I simply scan barcodes and data is entered quickly and without error..." testimonials.

Looking for very powerful, flexible, AND low cost mobile scanning solution? Use SerialMagic professional software, the iPaq 110/111/114/210/211/214 and the KDC200 Bluetooth Laser Scanner together. Putting together high quality components like this provides maximum flexibility and low cost. It frees you to upgrade your solution painlessly; you can swap out the PDA and still use the same scanner solution. You can share...

SerialMagic empowers Windows Mobile handheld devices having built-in barcode scanners

More ways to use SerialMagic

Using SerialMagic Professional with mobile devices having built-in scanners.

SerialMagic Professional and Power Upgrade can be installed on your All-In-One Mobile device to provide many powerful solutions that will save you time and money. SerialMagic is much more powerful and diverse than the scanner wedge that came pre-installed on your device. SerialMagic gives you the flexibility to connect additional devices to your All-In-One device OR use the built-in scanner within the Opticon, Motorola (Symbol), Trimble, Janam and Honeywell devices running Windows Mobile 5 and later.


Best Android Attendance Taking

This document outlines how GRID-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid is used for tracking work time.

This page requires the user to have an account with Time Clock privileges.

In this example we used an Acer Iconia Tab.

AgriGeorgia uses GRID-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid's Mobile Time Clock feature to track agricultural workers' time for payment

1. Upload

Best Android Attendance Taking

This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid is used for tracking employees' work time.
This page requires the user to have a account with Time Clock privileges.

In this example we used a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Note: Make sure you have version 3.2.83 of Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid.
You can check the version by going to Mobile Grid > Menu > More > Extras > About. 
If you do not have this version, click here to update it.

If you will be using NFC tags for your employee IDs, AND you will use a built-in Android NFC reader, then...

Best Android Inventory Taking

This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid is used for taking room inventory of assets.

This page requires the user to have an account with Mobile Grid Action Profile (MGAP) "Inventory By Room with Signature 1" assigned.

Contact for information on getting an account with MGAP privileges, and getting this MGAP assigned to that account.

In this example we paired a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Scanfob® 2002 Wireless Scanner,

however any barcode scanner that's compatible with the Scanfob® scanner format can be used.


This page has been superseded.

There is now only SerialMagic Professional for OS X and it's now build in native OS X.

Download the software to try for free from this page.

There are different versions of SerialMagic for different needs.

The SerialMagic Product family for Apple OS X provides several alternatives for inputting data into a Mac OS X application without the need for programming. There are options for using the scanner tethered1, roaming2, and options for Wireless devices using Bluetooth. View SerialMagic options in the table below.

SerialMagic Plus or SerialMagic Pro should be used with Readerware and a tethered scanner to roam...