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More ways to use SerialMagic

This page is outlines one option of scanning a barcode and sending SMS TEXT message based on that barcode scan using Symbian Series 60 (S60) device.

Scan barcode to SMS messageScan barcode to SMS message barcode and RFID scanner disconnectedScan barcode to SMS message barcode and RFID scanner discovery

The SerialMagic...


"Our company, Tampa Bay Optometric Group, manages a series of 11 doctors offices. We use the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Pro on my Treo 650 to inventory of all of the optometric equipment. Before, due to lighting and other obstacles, inventory would be difficult. Now, with the LaserChamp and SerialMagic, inventory is much easier and less time consuming. All we have to do is walk room to room shooting all of the barcodes. Thanks, everything is working great." - Greg Engel customer testimonials.

More ways to use SerialMagic



SerialMagic How To: Trigger remote devices over Bluetooth or RS-232 serial cable with SerialMagic

More ways to use SerialMagic

SerialMagic makes triggering remote devices quick and easy

Have you ever needed to collect data from a device and that device required a command before it would send you data?

For example suppose you have an RFID reader, barcode scanner, scale, or other device, and you need to quickly collect data into Excel, Open Office or some other program using SerialMagic.

Some verisons of SerialMagic allow you to create a HotKey command, and assign that command to a HotKey on the keypad, or a button on a mobile device.

To get a reading into the software you...

Best Android Attendance Taking     Also works on iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid is used for taking attendance.
This page requires the user to have a account with Attendee privileges.


In this example we paired a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Scanfob® 2006 Barcode Scanner; however, any barcode scanner that's
compatible with the Scanfob® scanner format can be used.



BlueSnap Bluetooth RS232 serial adaptor allows data capture from multimeters to mobile phones and mobile Internet devices.

Need to capture multimeter readings to Smart phone/table like Android & iOS?

BlueSnap AAA allows data to be captured on mobile devices from multimeters supporting RS-232 interface.
[Works on iOS if device to send data to iOS sends ASCII format, and can be triggered from the device]
For connecting to iOS devices (iPad / iPhone / iTouch ) that need trigger sent via software use the WiSnap AAA.

Below shows some examples of using Protek 506 with BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth RS-232 module connected to Protek 506 RS-232 interface to capture multimeter readings to mobile phones.

SerialMagic & Mobile Grid apps capture multimeter readings to...


...I like the ease of configuration. I had it set for our own unique parameters to interface with our Cisco devices in less than 40 seconds after install. I also like the ability to split the send and receive screens. I wish this feature existed on Hyperterminal, Putty, and SecureCRT. It keeps me from getting lost in what I am typing... testimonials.

JeTermZ is a GUI terminal program for Zaurus family PDA. Works with Zaurus SL-5500, SL-5600, SL-6000, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860.

Looking for a GUI terminal program for the Sharp Zaurus? JeTermZ is a handy terminal program for the Sharp Zaurus family of PDAs. This program provides a quick and easy interface to serial ports of the Zaurus. The serial port can be a built-in serial port, a...

GPS utility for NMEA GPS receivers

Screen shots

SL-6000 (VGA - Portrait)

Mac OS X

SerialMagic Professional for Windows Mobile Terminal Lite feature provides powerful setup and monitoring tool

More ways to use SerialMagic

This page outlines how SerialMagic is used to setup and monitor Bottom Stationed Ocean Profiler (BSOP) project at the University of South Florida.

From the beginning, communication between the operator and the BSOP unit was restricted to by the use of a stationary personal computer and serial cable connection.

BSOD comm using PC

The Sharp SL-5600 Zaurus PDA improved that restriction by offering a mobile version of the personal computer. This afforded BSOP operators the ability to change parameters and settings while...

Screen Shots on Sharp Zaurus

More details at ScanChamp Home.

Pictured below is ScanChamp® ScanTool Professional running on the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.


SerialMagic and barcode or RFID scanner can be used to scan your wine and beverage collection for simple, fast, and error free beverage management.

More ways to use SerialMagic

"I own more than 1,000 wine bottles, which I scan into a program, CellarTracker, that tells me when each will taste best. " Things I Can't Live Without: David Koretz

Catalog your wine collection quickly and easily. 

No more guessing, or trying to remember, know exactly what's in your wine cellar.

Scan barcodes directly to into web based wine and beverage tracking systems like CellarTracker. You can also use...