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Screen Shots on Mac OS X

More details at ScanChamp Home.

Pictured below is ScanChamp® ScanTool Professional running on a Mac OS X machine using a USB to Serial adaptor.

Here is an 'QuickStart HowTo' on mapping a network drive on OS X (Jaguar 10.2.6).


The Best Android Barcode Scanner Solutions


"We use over 200 Scanfob® 2002 wireless laser barcode scanners with Android phones in our courier business and they work exceptionally..." testimonials.

See comparison table with smartphone camera scanner and Scanfob® laser Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner.

Video: Scan package tracking numbers with Scanfob® 2002 laser scanner and camera phone

Using the camera scanner app to get the barcode took over 20 seconds, and only got a decode when aligning the 'decode line' at the top of

SerialMagic can be used to scan barcode and RFID data directly to web applications like Google, Zogo, Zimbra and more.

More ways to use SerialMagic

Scan barcode and RFID data directly to browser based Internet applications like Google, Zoho, and Zimbra Documents and Spreadsheets, NetSuite,, and virtually all web applications.

scan data directly to google spreadsheet

scan data directly to google Docs


More ways to use SerialMagic

Book Scout, catalog books and other items with SerialMagic and other software

SerialMagic allows you to interface with many other types of programs allowing you to easily catalog and track your stuff.

I have been selling books for four years on Amazon. For the first three years, I used a Socket Scanner with a Windows Mobile based phone. Several months ago, I switched to an Android based phone and called to find a compatible scanner. I have been in contact with several times to get tips on the functionality of the scanner Blueototh mobile laser scanner they provided for Android. Every time I do so, I get answers the phone call directly or get a call right back with requried information.'s product knowledge is amazing - they really...

SerialPort provides power management for PCMCIA and CF cards.* This allows your application to use significantly less power when appropriate. This in turn maximizes battery life and user satisfaction.

Using the power management features is very simple.

Here is a code snip of how you can get the state of a particular card slot.

int slot = choiceSlot.getSelectedIndex();

int pMode = SerialPortLocal.getPowerMode(slot);

Setting the card state to standby or active, is equally simple.

int pMode = 1;

if (cbStandby.getState()) pMode = 0;

int slot = choiceSlot.getSelectedIndex();

SerialPortLocal.setPowerMode(slot, pMode);

*Not supported on all platforms

Virtually every Android 2.3 and later device with wireless Bluetooth can support Barcode, NFC and UHF RFID scanners


"We use over 200 Scanfob® 200x mobile wireless laser barcode scanners with Android phones in our courier business and they work exceptionally..."testimonials.

Known Android 2.3 (or later) devices for wireless* NFC, UHF RFID and barcode scanning solutions with SerialMagic Gears, ...

More ways to use SerialMagic

Book Scouting with SerialMagic

SerialMagic allows you to more than double your book scouting speed and efficiency.

No more data entry errors. Even use Stealth mode with some scanners so you can silently scout in the most quiet environments.

Video: Scanfob® 2002 wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner for fast book scouting on Android. Same works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and more.

“I have been using the Scanfob® 2002 Mobile Wireless Scanner that I purchased 2 weeks ago, and it has been working really great for my purpose so far. I love the size and its scanning speed. I use the Scanfob® 2002 for book scouting. I normally scout for books...


"...ZThinCable is build like a tank -- I like it..." testimonials.

Serial cable solutions for Zaurus SL-6000, SL-5600, SL-5500, SL-5000D, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860

ZThinCable is Sharp certified - In successful service since 2002

ZThinCable USB provides access to the Zaurus keypad for use while providing USB connectivity and charge power to the Zaurus. ZThinCable USB also packs up much smaller than the Zaurus cradle, making your travels easier.

ZThinCable is ideal for use with Intellisync software.

Looking for an RS-232 cable solution? See our ZThinCable RS-232.

3The SL-6000 requires ZThinCable to be removed during opening & closing...

GPS utility for NMEA GPS receivers

GPSGaugeLite is a highly efficient GPS NMEA data stream parser and display. It uses the optimized SerialPort SnoopInputStream class to parse the NMEA data stream. The program is so efficient it works comfortably on a Psion 5mx with it's tiny 36 MHz ARM processor.

GPSGaugeLite also provides a handy measuring method. The measuring method can be accurate to 3 meters when using a GPS receiver with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS ).

The Java source code, and project files (Visual Cafe 4) for GPSGaugeLite are included with all SerialPort Professional and Enterprise licenses. SerialPort package information.

Pictured below is GPSGaugeLite running on the Sharp Zaurus SL-...

More ways to use SerialMagic

This page is outlines how to run a macro (e.g. Excel) each time a barcode is scanned.

This can be valuable for interfacing a barcode scanner with an existing business process that is based on Excel.

For example at least one customer uses this mechanism on OS X in order to improve efficiency of their store inventory checking process.

This example Excel Macro is for use with SerialMagic Professional.

The macro is mapped to CTRL+SHIFT+R key sequence and this sequence is defined in SerialMagic using an SMAP (SerialMagic Action Profile) to occur when each barcode is scanned.

Data that is to be searched will be located in column C of the sheet. When the macro runs, it will search column C for data,