Testimonials for Book scouting solutions

I am a book dealer. I use the LaserChamp Bluetooth

I am a book dealer. I use the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software with my BlackBerry.  First of all, let me say that I'm NOT a computer savvy person, but the wonderful folks at Serialio.com walked me through every step.  The customer service is awesome!  I sent email and get response almost immediately.  You can't ask for more than that!

-D. Aldridge,

I'm using my Dell Axim x51v PDA to scout for books,

I'm using my Dell Axim x51v PDA to scout for books, CDs and DVDs with a scouting service A-Seller-Tool program and could not be happier with my recent purchase of the KDC200 mobile bundle. 
The scanner is slightly bigger than a matchbox, yet powerful enough for quick scanning under direct Arizona sunlight. Integration between SerialMagic Professional software and the KDC200 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner makes it easy to use and configure. Scouting for books has never been easier and more convenient for me. Serialio.com's support throughout the whole setup was top notch! I will confidently recommend your company and products to others.

- Juan Diaz

I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination

I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination with Readerware to scan books. I have about 60,000 - 75,000 books that I want to catalog. I wanted an affordable scanner that I could bring around with me that was not connected to a computer and so far the LaserChamp has worked very nicely!"

- LaRae Roe

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagic to scan books in my warehouse. I find it terrific - it saves time, lifting, etc! I have recommended the LaserMagic bundle to other people who have purchased same!

- Alan Warnock

I own an online store Stuffnwhatnot,

I own an online store Stuffnwhatnot, and I purchased a LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic a few months ago to help me with the book part of my business. I use the scanner to upload books, CD's and movies onto my inventory management software, which then helps me list them online. I also recently purchsed the SerialMagic Professional for Windows Mobile software, from Serialio.com, that allows me to use the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner with my Windows Mobile PDA. This way I can still use the LaserChamp scanner even if I'm away from my computer. Serialio.com had the scanner I needed at the best price. I have since recommended Serialio.com to other book sellers I know. I have been very pleased with SerialMagic and the LaserChamp. Thank you!

- David Khol,

I purchased the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner

I purchased the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software for my used book store that I was opening. Though I have had a few stumbles along the way with the equipment, Serialio has been there to help me with every little thing. The customer service I have received from them has been outstanding. I wish all companies treated their customers like I have been treated by Serialio. I would recommended Serialio to anyone! Thanks!

- Alisa Hinds,
That Book Store

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing EXCELLENT

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing EXCELLENT customer support provided by Serialio.com. I had purchased a ROV Bluetooth Scanner and SerialMagic Pro for use on my Motorola Q9h Global to scan book barcodes into ScoutPal for book scouting. After much research, I think that it is accurate to state that nothing else on the market offers the compatibility and feature set that SerialMagic Pro offers. Once you pick up on the methodology, you can program the software to do virtually everything as far as scanning, automated keystrokes, automatic logging on to a specific website, etc. I know that Scanner Wedge from Microvision does not work in my Q and, in general, SerialMagic Pro is in a league by itself. Being a software developer and marketer, I have a good idea as to what comprises excellent, committed support and a superior product ; Serialio.com gets a perfect score on both counts

- John McHargue

I heard about Serialio.com through the ASellerTool website

I heard about Serialio.com through the ASellerTool website. I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination with ASellerTool and my Axim X30 PDA for book scouting. I am really pleased with the solution that I purchased. Thanks for the great product!

- Tom Meyer

The LaserChamp barcode scanner Bluetooth scanner

The LaserChamp barcode scanner Bluetooth scanner I purchased from Serialio.com works great with my Verizon 6700 (Windows Mobile 5).  Serialio was always there to walk me through any questions I had. I've worked with Serialio.com for over a year as I wanted to experiment with a few different phone and scanner combinations. Tech Support, was always very honest, available and basically bent over backwards and jumped a few hoops for me. I recommend Serialio with my highest rating - a Full Five Stars!  They value their customers and they stand by their excellent products.

-Patrcia Garcia,
American Business Ventures

I use SerialMagic and the LaserChamp Bluetooth

I use SerialMagic and the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner for book scouting. I love it, I no longer have to enter barcode numbers by hand! Before I purchased SerialMagic and the LaserChamp I would give up on scouting, now I can scout books in less than half the time.  I have purchased many more books using the LaserChamp!

- Glenda Scales

I use SerialMagic, a Flic Bluetooth scanner,

I use SerialMagic, a Flic Bluetooth scanner, and my BlackBerry for book scouting. I scan scan the book EAN bar-codes, SerialMagic transfers them from the scanner over Bluetooth to my BlackBerry, and the BlackBerry looks up the prices of the books online. It works great.

- Dan Tarnopol

I use the Scanfob® 2002 paired with my EVO

I use the Scanfob® 2002 paired with my EVO Android cellphone allowing me to become more than a book scouter; I use this dynamic duo with a program called FBAScout. FBA Scout is a mobile product scouting service that provides live pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog from every category. I have expanded my online business to include toys, electronics, household items, just to mention a few! Now I scan for any item that is profitable. I also want to mention support from Serialio.com is wonderful. They were very helpful and patient with helping me setup my Scanfob 2002. Thank you Serialio for a great product and great support!

- LittlePhilly,
Amazon FBA seller

I have been selling books for four years on Amazon

I have been selling books for four years on Amazon. For the first three years, I used a Socket Scanner with a Windows Mobile based phone. Several months ago, I switched to an Android based phone and called Serialio.com to find a compatible scanner. I have been in contact with Serialio.com several times to get tips on the functionality of the scanner Blueototh mobile laser scanner they provided for Android. Every time I do so, I get answers the phone call directly or get a call right back with required information. Serialio.com's product knowledge is amazing - they really know the ins and outs. I appreciate the company's enthusiasm and excitement about the product and am grateful that they have the uncanny ability to effortlessly explain technical steps to a technically un-savvy person. As for the Android Bluetooth laser scanner, it is lightning fast! It is simple to use and does not have a lot of complicated steps to perform when setting it up on my phone (unlike the Socket and other scanners I have used in the past). With the low price of the product and stellar customer service, you can't beat Serialio.com!

- Skip Speer,
Dallas, Texas

I have been using SerialMagic Pro for OS X for almost a year

“I have been using the Scanfob® 2002 Mobile Wireless Scanner that I purchased 2 weeks ago, and it has been working really great for my purpose so far. I love the size and its scanning speed. I use the Scanfob® 2002 for book scouting. I normally scout for books, but also use it to scan book barcodes to better organize my inventory. The product is fantastic and worth every penny. I really love it.

- Daniel, Bookscout