Testimonials for Scanfob® Brand Scanners

Using A Scanfob® Brand RFID Reader To Improve Farming

We are a multinational agrochemical company using Scanfob® brand UHF scanners to accurately track plant growth for research.
Without the Scanfob® UHF scanner, accurately tracking over 200,000 RFID tags in 7 weeks would be impossible.

Sarah S.
A Multinational Agrochemical Company

Scanfob® 3002i® Scanner - Well Worth The Price

"I found the Scanfob® 3002i 2D barcode scanner to be better, faster, more flexible and more conveniently sized than the TEEMI TMSL-50.  Since the TMSL-50 was unusable for our application, it was well worth the price difference." 

Steve M.
Granite Construction

Scanfob® + SerialMagic Gears is perfect fit for retail company

We at Willy Street Co-op really love the Scanfob and SerialMagic Gears.

We use the Scanfob with an Android tablet in a retail environment and it is a quarter of the cost of an RF gun. We tried to use the camera scanner on the tablet but it couldn't capture all the different symbologies.

The Scanfob 2006 and SerialMagic Gears have been a significant financial and operational improvement for us.

Director of IT, Willy Street Co-op

No Competition Even Comes CLOSE!

We saved 2.5 to 3 days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. Even better we saved $4,200 for the three handheld material transaction scanning units.



I recently implemented wireless scanning of inventory. Our ERP software uses a web interface to input data into the inventory. Upon initial research, I was distraught by the costs of the motorola and dolphin wireless barcode scanners. At $2,000 and up it was a tough sell to get the number of scanners I needed. Then I found Serialio.com and their Scanfob® Brand Bluetooth barcode scanner. The thought of pairing a barcode scanner with an iPod touch to scan inventory was exciting, the cost was a no-brainer and I picked one up to test it out. For our first inventory on the new system I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple evaluation units of the "industry standard" scanners to test out up against my Scanfob® 200x Bluetooth laser barcode scanner. I was shocked by how difficult the other units were to configure and use, especially up against the iPod with Scanfob® 200x unit. I had multiple people try out each of the test units, as well as the Scanfob® 200xEvery single person chose the Scanfob® 200x as their prefered device. In total we saved two and a half to three days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. But that is not the best point! We saved approximately $1,400 each (including the price of an iPod touch). In total we saved $4,200 for the three handheld units we wanted scanning material transactions. We now get the benefit of using iOS's user friendly interface with the Scanfob® 200x barcode scanners. There is no competition that even comes close. I would recommend to anyone looking at buying a wireless barcode scanner, try out a Scanfob® 200x against the other units, and you will see that I am not leading you wrong. Please tell everyone this was written off the cuff, and I did not stretch the truth one bit. I appreciate your great product, and I will be buying more in the future. Thank you.

Michael Taylor
IT Manager, STI

Railroad Car Inspection with Scanfob® 3002i Scanner Saves Thousands

We use Scanfob® 3002i wireless barcode reader with iPads & iPods for railroad car inspection.

The scanner is excptional fast and reliable providing us complete accuracy scanning barcode seals on tops and bottoms of railroad cars. We also appreciate the excellent inspection software solution provided by Serialio.com and how it provides a seamless solution with the iPad. A single inspection error can cost over $6,000 so we really appreciate the accuracy and ease-of-use of the rail car inspection solution.

Kevin M.
Director of Major Grain Company

Scanfob® 2002 Laser Scanner in Bright Sunlight Greenhouse App on iPhone-iPad

We have a greenhouse propagation data recording system. Previously it involved lugging around a laptop and a corded barcode scanner. The corded (USB) scanner behaved poorly in bright sunlight, and the cord always managed to drag on and disturb small seedlings. We wanted to move all the data collection and note-taking functions to a easy to use system on iPhone / iPad, and wanted to get a better barcode scanner. Our first attempt involved a Baracoda Pencil2 Bluetooth barcode wand scanner, thinking that using a wand would eliminate the bright ambient light problem, but actually the wand had a hard time scanning the plant tag barcodes in ANY light, I think because the tag material is fairly glossy. The Bluetooth Pen scanner also would not connect to the iOS devices. The Scanfob® 2002 was recommended to us, and it performs perfectly in bright sun, [note: Scanfob® 2006 engine is even better] it also emulates a Bluetooth keyboard on the iPhone / iPad without additional software so it's a breeze to use. The Scanfob® 2002 is so lightweight and compact I keep it in my pants pocket with a retractable key lanyard on my belt loop, so that it is always available for use whether I'm expecting it or not. It's remarkable that such a small unit is a true scanning laser, and not a CCD imager. I highly recommend the Scanfob® 2002!

Troy Meyers

Scanfob® 200x Scanner for Warehouse Scanning Solution on iPad

Our company recently developed oneScan™, a new warehouse scanning solution that runs on the iPad™ and needed to find a reliable, cost-effective scanner to recommend to our customers. We purchased a Scanfob® 200x to test with our software and were please to find it worked brilliantly on the iPad™. The Serialio support team's knowledge, and the high level of customer service they provided was more than enough to prove to me that we had found not only the right product, but also the right company to pair with the software solutions we provide to our customers. We look forward to recommending Serialio's solutions and intend to use your company as our preferred hardware provider for future projects.

Brian Billingsley
Technical Director, <u><a href="http://www.onlineone.com.au/">Online One</a></u>...

Scanfob® Brand 200x Scanner with SmartGrid & Streetlight App Reduces Energy Use on City Electricity Networks

Streetlight.Vision is a software company providing SmartGrid and Intelligent Streetlight applications to cities in order to drastically reduce energy usage on city electricity networks, automatically identify failures and remote control any equipment in the city. The initial step of installing our solutions is to inventory and register properly the electronic devices which are installed in the streets and buildings in the city. The Scanfob® 200x Bluetooth barcode reader is simply the best choice : simple and efficient, robust and small device, on top of an excellent and very reactive technical support. We tried several industrial products which were all either too complex or not suitable for barcoding in various environmental conditions. The Scanfob® 200x is the ideal companion of our iPad and Windows-based applications.

Christophe Orceau
General Manager, Streetlight.Vision