SerialMagic + BatchMagic Makes Inventory a Breeze

Our new (old school) scanners are working well. We love the BatchMagic OPN2001 Batch Laser Scanners because they are simple, reliable and surprisingly durable. Having designed inventory control systems in the 1980s, I knew exactly what we needed here and Serialio was a perfect fit. Our needs are actually quite simple compared to the vast array of products and methodologies supported and sold by Serialio; we just need to capture barcodes and time/dates and then download to Excel at the end of the day with a simple serial cable. SerialMagic Professional makes this incredibly simple. All of the products and support we have received from Serialio have always been outstanding. I have wholeheartedly recommended Serialio to other City departments that have examined our bar code operations. I have also recommended Serialio to friends of mine who own various small businesses in Texas. As a lifelong utilitarian, I always try to go first with what works best. Serialio works best!

Max Minor

City of Austin Transportation Dept.

Parking Enterprise

Austin, TX

Customer Service

Thank you for your excellent recent response to my recent RMA request. I had a problematic Scanfob 2005 scanner that would not charge and emailed your support on Friday 12/06 at 9:22 AM EST. I received a return email less than ½ hour later at 9:47 AM EST which included the RMA number and PDF version of the authorization. I shipped the scanner back that same day via UPS Ground service and to my surprise, a week later on 12/13 received the repaired scanner back. That is just a superior response and outstanding customer service!

Congratulations on your wonderful attention to detail and customer satisfaction. I could not be happier and will be a return customer again and again. We are going to be expanding our use of iPads throughout our factory and Scanfob 2005 scanners from Serialio.com will most certainly be part of that program.

Paul J. Reppucci, Sr. Manager - Business Information Systems
Vicor Corporation

i'm an Automated Systems Analyst for the County of San Bernardino

i'm an Automated Systems Analyst for the County of San Bernardino providing support to our Animal Care Control program.  We use Restock.com BatchMagic 2001 scanners with Chameleon/CMS software on our network and recently implemented a new feature called Quick Kennel. It allows animal shelters to perform kennel inventories by using barcode scanners on the kennel cards. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance of the BatchMagic scanners. Serialio has competitive prices and their customer satisfaction policies put them above the rest.  We will definitely be doing business with them again. Thanks Serialio!

Mario Luna
County of San Bernardino Public Health Dept, ACC

SerialMagic Increases Efficiency up to 300%

I recently purchased SerialMagic Professional for my Samsung SCH-i760 smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.1. I can not express in words how grateful I was to find Serialio.com.

After a substantial investment in time and money on the Intermec SF51 cordless scanner and charger, I was dismayed to find that it would not pair with my mobile device. I spent hours pouring through complicated Intermec manuals and on the phone with Intermec customer support. While courteous and willing to be of service, Intermec technical support simply had no idea even how to begin addressing my pairing problems. The company is simply not accustomed to dealing with folks trying to link their scanners to smart phones, PDAs, etc. I thought my endeavor was doomed to failure and was very close to cutting my losses and giving up when I discovered Serialio.

Within a few moments of explaining my plight, Serialio technical support understood and diagnosed my problem. Ten minutes later, they had my scanner paired with my phone and I was scanning barcodes. I can not over exaggerate my jubilation. Yesterday, I purchased the touchscreen edition of SerialMagic Professional and put my SF51 to work scanning large batches of UPC labels to my phone. I reckon that my efficiency increased by 200-300%! Serialio really saved my butt on this one!

Jacob Trooyer

Fast and Easy Grocery Store Restocking

Mile High Grocery Supply Inc. is a distributor to over 100 grocery stores in Colorado. Serialio.com has provided an very easy to use restocking solution and the support provided has been exceptional. Workers can take orders 50% faster than previously. Reorder errors are eliminated due to bar code capture.

Richard Radack
Mile High Grocery Supply

Connect Honeywell (LXE) 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanners to iPad & iPod

We have 15 BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridges and love them. We use them with iPads for our pullers in our warehouse with Honeywell (LXE) 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanners, and it helps them be much more efficient. Thanks for the great products and great support!


Josh Lee
IT Manager Assistant, CSSI

BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge Connects Farnam RFID Tag Reader

I am using the BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge to connect a Farnam RFID tag reader to scan livestock RFID tags to an ipad. We collect research data and to demonstrate to livestock producers how the iPad could be used for livestock record keeping. 

Shane Gadberry
PhD, PAS, Associate Professor, Animal Science Department

SerialMagic Helps with HIPAA Compliance

PharmacoMedia is a pharmaceutical and healthcare communications company who has implemented a client survey system to collect healthcare data from patients. In order to adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines and protect confidential patient healthcare information, barcodes are used on our surveys to allow data collection on the same person over time without disclosing any personal data on the survey forms. We use the Serialio.com Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Professional software on OS X and Windows to help accomplish this task. The Serialio.com scanning solution works very well to speed data processing while significantly reduce data entry errors.

Michael Vinegra

SerialMagic Brings Sartorius Micro-Balance Data to OS X

SerialMagic is used to connect Sartorius micro-balance through Serial RS-232C to USB converter and a simple null-modem type RS-232C converter which I made myself. We use SerialMagic to directly put the weight data from the balance onto Excel running on Mac OS-X. It works well. I contacted Serialio technical support  and within a couple hours got my question answered, even though it was at night.  I was very impressed with Serialio's punctuality and knowledge.

Naoki Takebayashi

SerialMagic Keeps International Airports Humming

SerialMagic is a core part of our business. McAfee had improperly marked the SerialMagic program so I sent an email to Serialio.com, and in 10 minutes I got a reply. That’s good stuff. Plus, while I was working with McAfee on the issue Serialio.com was too. I love that. Not only did Serialio.com point me in the right direction, you FOLLOWED UP! That is very important in this field of work. Thank you very much for all your help. With out you guys our International Airports would not function.

Mike Hall
Information Technology, Allegiant Air

SerialMagic Pro with Cognex DataMan 7550

SerialMagic Pro is the solution our Logistics department uses with our Cognex DataMan 7550. We needed an application that was easy to use and easy to deploy and the guys at Serialio provided exactly that. Serialio also excels when it comes to technical support with a service that is prompt and thorough provided by people who are both competent and friendly. Thank you Serialio.com!

Ian Desmond


We use SerialMagic Professional OS X with the TROVAN LID-608 RFID reader and LID-572 pocket reader. (for more info on TROVAN RFID equipment: www.trovan.com) SerialMagic provides a handy, easy-to-launch and easy-to-learn interface to drop readings directly into Microsoft Excel. Ideal for our purposes!

Barbara Masin

I am a book dealer. I use the LaserChamp Bluetooth

I am a book dealer. I use the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner and SerialMagic Pro software with my BlackBerry.  First of all, let me say that I'm NOT a computer savvy person, but the wonderful folks at Serialio.com walked me through every step.  The customer service is awesome!  I sent email and get response almost immediately.  You can't ask for more than that!

-D. Aldridge,

I'm using my Dell Axim x51v PDA to scout for books,

I'm using my Dell Axim x51v PDA to scout for books, CDs and DVDs with a scouting service A-Seller-Tool program and could not be happier with my recent purchase of the KDC200 mobile bundle. 
The scanner is slightly bigger than a matchbox, yet powerful enough for quick scanning under direct Arizona sunlight. Integration between SerialMagic Professional software and the KDC200 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner makes it easy to use and configure. Scouting for books has never been easier and more convenient for me. Serialio.com's support throughout the whole setup was top notch! I will confidently recommend your company and products to others.

- Juan Diaz

I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination

I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination with Readerware to scan books. I have about 60,000 - 75,000 books that I want to catalog. I wanted an affordable scanner that I could bring around with me that was not connected to a computer and so far the LaserChamp has worked very nicely!"

- LaRae Roe

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagic to scan books in my warehouse. I find it terrific - it saves time, lifting, etc! I have recommended the LaserMagic bundle to other people who have purchased same!

- Alan Warnock