I have been selling books for four years on Amazon.

I have been selling books for four years on Amazon. For the first three years, I used a Socket Scanner with a Windows Mobile based phone. Several months ago, I switched to an Android based phone and called Serialio.com to find a compatible scanner. I have been in contact with Serialio.com several times to get tips on the functionality of the scanner Blueototh mobile laser scanner they provided for Android. Every time I do so, I get answers the phone call directly or get a call right back with requried information. Serialio.com's product knowledge is amazing - they really solution ins and outs. I appreciate the companies entusiasm and excitement about the product and am grateful that they have the uncanny ability to effortlessly explain technical steps to a technically un-savvy person. As for the Android Bluetooth laser scanner, paired with an Android device, it is lightening fast. It is simple to use and does not have a lot of complicated steps to perform when setting it up on my phone (unlike the Socket and other scanners I have used in the past). With the low price of the product and stellar customer service, you can't beat Serialio.com!

- Skip Speer,
Dallas, Texas

SerialMagic Pro is the most compatible barcode software I have used

SerialMagic Pro is the most compatible barcode software I have used. As a consultant, I have used many solutions on many different platforms.SerialMagic is easy to configure, installs easily, and most importantly it integrates and works well. SerialIO support is excellent. They will help you find what you need for your solution. If your needs are mobile, I highly recommend this software for pda or smartphone. We use SerialMagic on samsung blackjack II with Baracoda Pencil2

- Mark Sneed

The LaserChamp barcode scanner Bluetooth scanner I purchased from Serialio.com works great with my Verizon 6700 (Windows

The LaserChamp barcode scanner Bluetooth scanner I purchased from Serialio.com works great with my Verizon 6700 (Windows Mobile 5).  Serialio was always there to walk me through any questions I had. I've worked with Serialio.com for over a year as I wanted to experiment with a few different phone and scanner combinations. Tech Support, was always very honest, available and basically bent over backwards and jumped a few hoops for me. I recommend Serialio with my highest rating - a Full Five Stars!  They value their customers and they stand by their excellent products.

-Patrcia Garcia,
American Business Ventures

I have been using SerialMagic Pro for OS X for almost a year

“I have been using the Scanfob® 2002 Mobile Wireless Scanner that I purchased 2 weeks ago, and it has been working really great for my purpose so far. I love the size and its scanning speed. I use the Scanfob® 2002 for book scouting. I normally scout for books, but also use it to scan book barcodes to better organize my inventory. The product is fantastic and worth every penny. I really love it.

- Daniel, Bookscout

Using the LaserChamp we have streamlined our business process and greatly marginalized the impact of human

Using the LaserChamp we have streamlined our business process and greatly marginalized the impact of human error in all phases of the product cycle.  Thank you for all your help in getting the system up and running on our Linux laptop systems. The LaserChamp + SerialIO bundle has really stepped up for us and provided a great value for the price. snowboards-for-sale.com.

Dave Gullo

I initially purchased "Delicious Library" application

I initially purchased "Delicious Library" application packaged with a ROV barcode scanner. I was disappointed with the software. I needed something to inventory my recording studio and production company. I'm now using the ROV scanner, "SerialMagic" and FileMaker Pro to create my own barcodes for equipment and media here at the studio along with a PTouch labeler for barcode printing. SerialMagic Professional seamlessly interfaces the ROV Bluetooth scanner to FileMaker on my MacBook Pro.

David Shaw
Radio Active Productions

I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagi

I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagic to keep a record of all my many books! I'm in the middle of a PhD and its handy to know that I can track something down when I need it. Its easy to use and I value having such a useful resource!

Scott Robertson

I purchased the LaserMagic II T

I purchased the LaserMagic II Tethered USB Professional OS X bundle to use with Readerware.  My wife and I have a very large personal library that we needed to properly catalogue. Purchasing from your company was an exceptionally pleasant experience.   All-in-all, you folks have been great and extremely easy to work with.  Thank you very much.

Richard White

Since leaving my corporate job in September I'm no

Since leaving my corporate job in September I'm now an Amazon home seller and use SerialMagic Professional running on my Blackberry 8850 with a LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner. I'm a very happy user of the LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner. It is reliable and was easy to install using SerialMagic Pro. The LaserChamp scanner itself seems durable and has a good overall scanning sensitivity (I've used various corded scanners since the stone age).  I just contacted Serialio.com tech support dept to confirm I can in fact use the same scanner with a Windows Mobile PDA! I  was delighted by the speed of the support response. I have recommended your product once and would do so again in the future.

Steve Thurston

I've never had such rapid customer support response

I've never had such rapid customer support response from any vendor!!!
I am now able [to use SerialMagic] to send data from my scanner directly into DataViz's Sheets, Go spreadsheet, and MobileDB database. This is great!!

Bob Stewart

I'm a voracious reader and have a sizable h

I'm a voracious reader and have a sizable home library. A few years ago I ran across a program called ReaderWare. I bought a copy and at the time I purchased it, it included a CueCat barcode scanner. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of being tethered to a laptop all the time. So I found a link on the ReaderWare site to Serialio.com, recommending your LaserMagic scanner bundles. I've been extremely pleased with the LaserMagic bundle I purchased, and intend on using it more with the CD and DVD modules of ReaderWare.

Peter Benson

We are using the LaserMagic Bluetooth

We are using the LaserMagic Bluetooth scanning bundle at our Police Department in Milford, New Hampshire to scan evidence. It is working out very well and we're very happy with the system. Thanks for the great service your
company provided - Leen In 't Veld

I have used Serialio and the LaserChamp Blueto

I have used Serialio and the LaserChamp Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner for a couple of years and really enjoy using them for a couple of reasons: It saves me a lot of time scanning in my book library, iTunes music pieces, CD/DVD disks, movies etc. My wife and myself have more than 5,000 pieces of information which needed to be scanned into our Delicious Library and Serialio with the Laser Champ made that all possible. If I have a problem, I've always been able to reach Serialio.com support. Support has always efficiently and kindly answered all of my questions, and has helped me setting up the system if I have forgotten to do something. Serialio and LaserChamp are well worth the money because it will save you lots of time and keeps our libraries organized. Thanks, Serialio.com for all of your great assistance in the past and inventing such a wonderful, time saving device.

Tom Cotton
President of County Fair Realty, Inc.

I am an Online Bookseller

I am an Online Bookseller and I use the LaserChamp and SerialMagic to scan books in my warehouse. I find it terrific - it saves time, lifting, etc! I have recommended the LaserMagic bundle to other people who have purchased same!

Alan Warnock