Testimonials 1636

I really using the little BatchMagic scanners. In comparison to the MC5590's that I have to work with (and troubleshoot) on a daily/weekly basis (I have 16 of those junkers to use and 3 more PDA's on top of that). The 5 BatchMagic scanners are a real treat in size and efficiency

Daniel Stewart,
Quality Control Supervisor

Testimonials 1635

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for such a great product (KeyBatchTM BR1 Batch & Real-Time Scanner) and company! Everyone I spoke with at your company was pleasant to deal with and very professional. I also wanted to point out that your staff, has incredible technical specialists. The communications with Serialio.com regarding a glitch in SerialMagic Professional. I was very surprised to come home to an email with an update and a fix. Most companies do not usually have such a quick response. As a business owner, I understand what is involved in conducting smooth business and you definetly have a great system in place. More importantly, you have excellent staff. To me this makes all the difference.

Sam Lanzafame,
President - Midwest Airsoft Guerrillas

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I'd like to praise your excellent product which provides a very elegant and cost-effective way to enhance Java functionality's.


Evergreen Research, Inc. is a medical device developer. Many products developed over the past 10 years use

Evergreen Research, Inc. is a medical device developer. Many products developed over the past 10 years use an embedded PC to control physical end effectors, like motors, solenoids, pumps, pressure transducers, load cells, etc. The PC uses serial lines, sometimes a single RS-485, sometimes a group of RS-232s, to communicate with embedded controllers, like 80C51s or 68HC12s. The embedded controllers operate the end effectors. Evergreen has developed a light-weight serial protocol that standardizes and validates the serial communications without imposing a high overhead.

Some of the products using our technology

  1. Pharmacy compounder that mixes IV solutions for intravenous feeding.
  2. Heart-lung machine used during cardiac bypass surgery.
  3. Syringe filling machine.
  4. Production tester for electrosurgical generators.
  5. IV bag weighing scale.
  6. Whole-body cooler for acute treatment of stroke.
  7. Bearing monitor for large industrial pumps.


Evergreen purchased and installed both the Windows and Linux versions of SerialPort. It installated without a hitch, and works great. I wish all of the software products purchased were as good as yours. Thanks for a great product! 


-George J. Eilers
Evergreen Research, Inc.

I recently purchased one of your BlueSnap RS-232 se

I recently purchased one of your BlueSnap RS-232 serial Bluetooth Dongle products. It works wonderfully! I'm sure that you have companies that are doing groundbreaking work with your products, mine is self serving. I have developed a home automated bar. It is a simple setup using relay activated valves connected to CO2 pressurized "adult beverage" containers. The relays are on a serial board and I really wanted to communicate with them via my PDA. With the help of your bluetooth dongle I can do so wirelessly. With the touchscreen interface to a Visual Basic program created for Pocket PC 2003, I can order one of hundreds of drinks from my 16 beverage ingredients. Thank you for your product and the role it plays in my computerized system!

Darren W. Murphy

Serialio's BlueSnap products work great! We use the BlueSnap

Serialio's BlueSnap products work great! We use the BlueSnap-XP and BlueSnapUSB to communicate wirelessly from electronic flow meters to Fisher ROC 100/300/500/800 series flow computers. This is especially valuable when we have a transmitter that needs calibration and it's located several feet from the flow computer. We have also used this setup to configure MDS radios that we use for communication.

Walt Moore
Oneok Field Services

We use both the BlueSnap-AAA Bluetooth Dongle &

We use both the BlueSnap-AAA Bluetooth Dongle & the BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle to connect our Sokkia electronic total stations to our HP50g calculators for field data collection. The BlueSnap-AAA Bluetooth Dongle is used for short range connections from our HP50g calculators to our Sokkia total survey stations that have in-built short range bluetooth capabilities. The BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle is used for long range connections from our HP50g calculators to our Sokkia total survey stations. In this case the BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle is connected to the data out port of the Sokkia total station using a Sokkia or generic cable. In both cases the SerialIio BlueSnap bluetooth dongle is connected to the HP50g’s serial port using a custom serial cable from Eric Rechlin, and the in-built HP50g serial commands are used to control the total stations & initiate measurements. The required data is then extracted from the received data strings. Additionally to this we have also recently found that the BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle works with the new generation Sokkia total stations that have in-built long range bluetooth capabilities. This means that we do not need to have a bluetooth dongle at all on the total station end, just one connected to the HP50g data collector. The SerialIo BlueSnap bluetooth dongles free us from being physically tethered by a direct cable connection from our HP50g data collectors to our total stations for data collection. This dramatically increases our field productivity. We have found both models of the SerialIo BlueSnap bluetooth dongles to be easy to set up and reliable to use.

Wayne Diver-Tuck
Director, JBW Surveyors Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

I purchased the BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle because as a N

I purchased the BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle because as a Network Engineer for a growing company, I find myself up on a ladder or in some sort of lift working in the ceiling of a warehouse or production facility, programming some type of switch or access point.  I also have a great fear of heights.  TheBlueSnapXP allows me to go up the ladder, plug the Bluetooth module into the network equipment, then then work on the programming safely with both feet on the ground. No more standing on a ladder balancing my laptop in one hand and typing with the other. One of the best things I ever bought for my work!  I'm also able to sync it with my Nokia N810 Tablet. So now I don't even have to take my laptop, I can just use the tablet in a pinch.

Troy Backus
Network Engineer, Berry Plastics Corp.

I ordered the BlueSnap Bluetooth RS-232 ad

I ordered the BlueSnap Bluetooth RS-232 adapter from the Serialio.com last week. Got it very quickly, and ran into a couple of smaller issues. I called support a few times for different projects and was very impressed with my experience all the way around. The BlueSnap and SerialMagic are a godsend. It helped us integrate wireless capabilities into a legacy system we have used for years. Your products saved us $10,000+ in development costs."

Brian Schuh

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful software

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful software package you provide. The installation was trivial and it just plain worked. It's a beautiful thing. I wanted to complement your engineers and doc writers for a tremendous job. Great going and keep up the fantastic work! I can't begin to tell you how much time and headache your software will save me.

Richard J. Fox
Ph.D, Senior Software Engineer

"We have used Serial

"We have used SerialPort in our disk drive manufacturing facilities since the year 2000 and it has performed without a single error in the manufacturing of over 2 BILLION hard disk drives and counting - year of this report is 2010".

James Skaggs

Our Java application requires communication with em

Our Java application requires communication with embedded devices using a serial connection. We were using the open-source RxTx package but we had stability issues with RxTX. We decided to use SerialPort and our application now works like a charm. Took 30 minutes to replaces RxTx implementation in our code and now everything runs as expected: concurrent access to multiple com ports now works just fine. I love nice little products like SerialPort!

Jean-Cédric Desrochers

"We develop an application called Energy Station which downloads

"We develop an application called Energy Station which downloads and analyses electricity consumption data from a Current Cost device and helps people to understand how they use electricity around the home and how they can reduce waste and save money. The Current Cost device connects to the PC using a serial to USB cable. During testing we found that the Prolific driver was causing bluescreen problems on Windows Vista. We tested several alternatives and found the Serialio.com driver to be the most stable. We recommend the Serialio.com driver for use with Techtoniq Energy Station and the Current Cost Device"

Matt Daniels
Managing Director and CTO, Techtoniq Ltd.

I use the BlueSnap with a piece of field equipment called

I use the BlueSnap with a piece of field equipment called a PowerAIM 120 ( http://www.arraysolutions.com/Products/poweraim_120.htm ) which communicates with a laptop computer via RS-232.  
With Bluetooth already built-in to the laptop using the BlueSnap Standard  to get rid of the cable was a no-brainer. I’d definitely buy one again and have been referring business associates to your company to buy these for their own purposes.  Serialio's BlueSnap Standard is perfect.

Mark Mueller
Mueller Broadcast Design.

I recently purchased a new BlueSnap Bluetooth Module

I recently purchased a new BlueSnap Bluetooth Module and the new  version of SerialMagic Pro. I contacted tech support to help setup the BlueSnapmodule. He walked me through each problem I had and I am now using it problem free. Also I must say that the new version of SerialMagic Pro is very intuitive and user friendly. I like the new tray icon which shows when the scanner is connected to the blue tooth module by changing what it displays. Thank you, I really appreciate everything.

James Olson